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China’s trade unions caught in the headlights of the coronavirus crisis

CLB conducted a series of interviews with trade union officials in China in order to gauge their response to the coronavirus crisis and understand what steps they had taken to protect workers’ health, economic interests and legal rights. 
01 April 2020

Workplace accidents decline but coronavirus infection threat remains

While the number of workplace accidents in China has fallen significantly since the start of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, there have already been several cases of Covid-19 infections in enterprises that resumed production without taking the necessary precautions to protect workers.
24 March 2020

Women workers on the frontline in the battle against the coronavirus

The majority of medical staff in China’s hospitals are women, and during the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak, it has been women who have been at the forefront of the battle to contain the epidemic.
05 March 2020

Coronavirus outbreak presents unprecedented challenges to China’s workers

The coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak in China, and the government’s measures to contain it, have presented workers with unprecedented challenges in terms of returning to work, ensuring they will be adequately protected from infection once they do resume work, and safeguarding their rights to remuneration, social insurance and compensation if they are laid off.
03 March 2020

An Introduction to CLB’s Work Accident Map

China Labour Bulletin established its bi-lingual Work Accident Map in December 2014 to track and categorise workplace accidents reported in the Chinese media.
02 March 2020

Workers in limbo as authorities struggle for a coherent coronavirus policy

The government's need to get the economy moving again while controlling the spread of Covid-19 has left workers uncertain of whether or not they can return to work and the dangers they face if they do.
20 February 2020

The workers striving behind the scenes to combat the coronavirus in Wuhan

The novel coronavirus outbreak has placed extraordinary demands on Wuhan’s delivery workers, taxi drivers, sanitation and community workers, who are all playing a vital role in keeping the city moving.
04 February 2020

The state of labour relations in China, 2019

CLB examines the key developments and emerging trends in worker activism in China in 2019
13 January 2020

An introduction to China Labour Bulletin’s Strike Map

There are no official statistics on the number of strikes and worker protests in China. CLB’s Strike Map is currently the only publicly accessible database that contains detailed information on more than 12,000 workers’ collective actions in China dating back to 2011.
10 January 2020

Labour activist Chen Weixiang released from detention

Labour activist Chen Weixiang and two associates have been released after spending 15 days in administrative detention. 
03 January 2020
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