Worker Activism and Collective Bargaining

China's workers are increasingly well-organized: They are often able to elect their own representatives and successfully engage in collective bargaining.

The shifting patterns of labour protests in China present a challenge to the union


Large-scale factory worker protests are being replaced by small-scale, spontaneous actions in the construction, transport and service industries.

Trade Union Reform and Accountability

China's workers lack real trade union representation. CLB and our mainland partners encourage workers to reclaim the union for themselves.

Wuhan’s good trade union official struggles to be heard


In this case study from CLB’s trade union reform and accountability program, we meet one of the few trade union officials in the construction industry who is willing to get his hands dirty and help workers resolve the issues most important to them.

Work safety in China

Work safety is one of the most serious issues affecting China's workers: Employers and the government need to take it seriously too.

China’s unsafe work practices replicated on Cambodia’s construction sites


One month after a deadly building site collapse that killed 28 people in Sihanoukville, little has changed for Cambodia’s construction workers. 

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