Wage arrears

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Voices of China’s young and isolated workers in retail and service industry

Trend in 2021 of service sector workers taking to social media shows that avenues for redress of labour disputes remain limited
13 January 2022

Wage arrears threaten the livelihoods of China’s workers

This year, strikes by couriers on China’s 11 November online shopping day reached a record of 136, compared to just 31 in 2020. During the pandemic, delivery companies have resorted to undercutting their competition with lower prices, leading to workers being paid less than 1 yuan per delivery in some areas. With price wars likely to continue, robust safeguards need to be in place and adequately enforced to ensure that couriers do not keep losing out.
09 December 2021

China’s top footballers go public over wage arrears

From the Super League to the Professional League One, China’s athletes haven’t been paid and fans are starting to notice
18 November 2021

Striking bus drivers point to debt issues for local governments

Workers at state-owned transport company shut down traffic, sparking widespread discussions over debt
11 November 2021

Construction subcontracting leaves vulnerable workers without pay

Widespread subcontracting makes it hard to establish labour relationships and defend workers' basic rights
05 November 2021

After Evergrande, Baoneng Group’s collapse threatens the livelihoods of China’s workforce

Like Evergrande, Baoneng’s debt problems have developed into a crisis that affects the livelihoods of many workers 
01 November 2021

Tutors struggle for compensation after mass layoffs

Teachers across China face wages in arrears after the effects of new rules regulating tutoring companies
07 September 2021

Henan overtakes Guangdong in number of worker protests

The central province of Henan has been a key locus of worker activism and collective protests in China over the last year, with construction and transport workers taking the lead.
24 August 2021

Chongqing government amends discriminatory policy after public outcry

The Chongqing government has quietly revoked a discriminatory hiring requirement for teachers following a public outcry. However, the local trade union, whose responsibility it is to protect teachers’ rights, was nowhere to be seen.
16 July 2021

China’s food delivery workers take action while the union idles

Food delivery workers in several major cities went on strike at the end of June in protest at pay cuts and the draconian policies imposed by the online platforms that dominate the market.
06 July 2021
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