Interviews with Liaoyang workers

"We thought that they wouldn't dare to attack older people - at least that髡what we thought at the time. But they [the PAP and police] couldn't care less. They just knocked them down anyway."

21 March, 2002: workers and officials accounts of the events in Liaoyang:

"The main thing is that now these leaders of ours have been picked up there are some other younger guys who will stick their necks out, so that means the PSB will just carry on detaining people. Anyone who acts as a representative will just get picked up. We don't want things to get that bad. That is not our aim. In fact, if they had released the people they detained then we wouldn't be where we are now."

22 March, 2002: accounts given by the wife of the detained labour leader, Yao Fuxin, about Yao's detention and the workers' response:

"Since they arrested four representatives, the others cannot come out now. They said whoever came out would be arrested. Today there was only one representative. He is a paralysed patient and was pushed to the scene in a wheelchair by some old folks. He is an old worker of the
Ferrous-Alloy Factory but he is paralysed. Two old ladies pushed him to the site, he was the only representative today."

22 March, 2002: further accounts given by Guo Xiujing, Yao Fuxin's wife, after the arrest of their representatives:

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