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China proposes shakeup of urban workers’ medical insurance scheme

China’s government has quietly announced the first major reform of the state-backed medical insurance scheme for urban workers in 22 years.
23 September 2020

Workers’ struggles echo around the world as pandemic spreads

On May Day this year, we highlight the struggle of workers in China and around the world to protect their health and livelihood during the coronavirus pandemic
01 May 2020

Women workers on the frontline in the battle against the coronavirus

The majority of medical staff in China’s hospitals are women, and during the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak, it has been women who have been at the forefront of the battle to contain the epidemic.
05 March 2020

Coronavirus outbreak presents unprecedented challenges to China’s workers

The coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak in China, and the government’s measures to contain it, have presented workers with unprecedented challenges in terms of returning to work, ensuring they will be adequately protected from infection once they do resume work, and safeguarding their rights to remuneration, social insurance and compensation if they are laid off.
03 March 2020

Focus on hospital violence obscures basic problems of pay and working conditions

Workplace safety is a major issue in China’s hospitals but the vast majority of collective protests by medical staff are triggered by wage arrears, the failure of employers to pay social insurance contributions and bonuses, or arbitrary changes in employment status.
30 December 2019

Rural doctors and teachers take action over chronic underfunding

Community doctors and teachers in China’s poor rural counties have been pushed to the limit and are now taking collective action to defend their rights.
24 July 2019

Decent healthcare still a distant dream for most workers in China

More than 95 percent of China’s population are covered by a state medical insurance plan. However, only a small proportion have access to high quality healthcare.
04 July 2019

Medical staff in China’s major urban centres are over-burdened while those in smaller cities are just not being paid

The over-concentration of high-quality medical services in China’s big cities means that hospital staff in major urban centres are stretched to the limit while those in under-utilised small city clinics are struggling to get paid.
02 July 2019

Long hours and endless pressure: China’s nurses are near breaking point

There is an urgent need for hospital trade unions to support their members and ensure all medical workers can earn a decent salary in a safe working environment.
13 June 2018

ACFTU announces big recruitment drive in logistics and service industries

The All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) has launched a massive recruitment drive for workers in China’s fast-growing logistics and service industries.
11 April 2018
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