China Labour Action Express No. 14 (2003-01-15)

Yao Fuxin Accused of Communicating with Hostile Elements

China Labour Bulletin is outraged at the charges reportedly leveled against Yao Fuxin at his trial today. Mo Shaoping, Yao Fuxin’s lawyer, told CLB that during the trial today, the prosecutor labeled Han Dongfang, labour activist and Director of CLB, as a ‘hostile element’.

Charges of communication with ‘hostile elements’ has frequently been used by the Chinese government as a means to silence dissent and discredit Chinese activists. Yao and his lawyer denied all charges against him and maintained that no criminal activity took place.

As police harassment of the worker representative’s families escalated, a worker from Liaoyang who lives near the court reported that police cars blocked all vehicle and pedestrian traffic this morning in front of the court where the trial was taking place.

See full press release for additional updates on situation in Liaoyang.

For further information, please contact CLB at (852) 2780 2187
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