Trade Unionists Arrested in Sichuan

09 May 2001
According to reports from Chongqing in China, police in Chengdu City, the capital of Sichuan province, made a number of arrests during a sweep of the city for illegal organisations. Police raided the offices of the Chengdu branch of the Chinese Industrial Workers' Alliance, situated at 171 Dongfeng Road, Chengdu. They confiscated written materials, computers and printing equipment and arrested three people. A simultaneous sweep at a number of factories in the area led to a further 14 arrests. All are detained at the city's No.1 Detention Centre.

According to police sources, the arrests were part of a drive against underground trade unions and other organisations carrying out activities in the name of student societies, literary societies and migrant associations. The police said that many of these associations aim was to overthrow or oppose the government and that the arrests would deal with the "ringleaders". Police said that the masses would be encouraged to report on such societies and that the media should follow the rules and not report on the existence of such societies.

(US: Dacankao 09/05/01)
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