Leave This Man Alone!

12 June 2001
Media reports in Hong Kong say that veteran Hunan-based labour activist Li Wangyang has been arrested on charges of government subversion - while lying in his hospital bed! These fantastic charges are rooted in Li’s attempts to seek government compensation for mistreatment while serving a prison sentence. He was originally jailed for involvement in the 1989 Democracy Movement when he was instrumental in establishing the Shaoyang Workers’ Automonous Federation in order to protect workers’ rights. Li received a 13-year prison sentence. He was released in June 2000, a seriously ill man following years of beatings while in prison. In February this year, Li endured a 22-day hunger strike in an attempt to obtain reimbursement for medical treatment to his back, heart and lung problems that resulted from the beatings. He is presently unable to walk unaided.

Li Wangyang’s sister, Li Wangling was sentenced to three years re-education through labour on June 7th, 2001 for helping him publicise his demands.

(HK: media reports, 12/06/01)
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