IFBWW to Strengthen Relations with ACFTU

28 April 2001
On April 28th, 2001 politburo member and Chairperson of the All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) Wei Jianxing met with a delegation from the International Federation of Building and Wood Workers (IFBWW) in the Great Hall of the People. IFBWW general secretary Ulf Asp led the delegation.

Wei Jianxing introduced China’s current political and economic situation and the work of the ACFTU to the visitors. Wei said that the ACFTU was improving a dual system to uphold workers’ legal rights. This consisted of building up a collective contract system based on equal negotiations with employers and strengthening the Staff and Workers Congresses in the workplace. ACFTU leadership at all levels were concentrating on participation in the processes of law making and policy formulation and improving the overall protection of rights. Wei said that at present, the ACFTU was also working on alterations to the Trade Union Law and the formulation of a comprehensive social security system in correlation with the implementation of the ACFTU’s monitoring role.

Wei expressed the hope that the ACFTU would continue to strengthen its exchanges with the IFBWW and increase friendship and cooperation.
IFBWW general secretary Ulf Asp praised China’s open door reform policy and the great achievements this policy has brought. Asp said that China had also made great advances in the first 30 years after liberation and this had created a basis for the open door reforms. He expressed his support for further strengthening friendly ties with the ACFTU.

The IFBWW delegation was in China at the invitation of the ACFTU. Vice Chairperson of the ACFTU and First Secretary of the ACFTU Secretariat Zhang Junjiu also attended the meeting.

(China: People’s Daily 28/04/01)
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