CLB Press Conference: Throwaway Labour – Chinese workers in Japan and Singapore

08 June 2011

Date: 14th June 2011
Time: -
Location: Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents Club - Hughes Room
2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong

The number of Chinese workers employed overseas has increased steadily over the last decade. They seek higher pay and the opportunity to acquire new skills. What they find – all too often – are tough working conditions akin to or even worse than those at home, coupled with the insecurities and uncertainties of working in a foreign country with little legal protection.

On 14 June, China Labour Bulletin launches a new research report on the largest international market for Chinese labour, Japan, focusing on that country's "trainee" system which systemically exploits young overseas workers as a cheap source of labour. CLB's Communications Director Geoffrey Crothall will introduce the new report together with the group's recent report on Singapore to show exactly how Chinese workers are recruited, the conditions they face while abroad, and the problems they encounter while seeking redress for violations of their rights.

To put the issue of Chinese labour in a wider international context, we will be joined by Juan Pablo Cardenal and Heriberto Araújo of the Spanish newspaper El Economista who will briefly discuss the findings of their forthcoming book on China's global footprint, examining specifically the situation of Chinese workers in Africa and Latin America, many of whom enjoy better pay and conditions than local workers.

All are welcome to attend. For more details or an advanced copy of the Japan report (embargoed until 14 June) please contact Geoffrey Crothall at


地点:香港中环下亚厘毕道2号香港外国记者会(Hughes Room)


中国劳工通讯(China Labour Bulletin,以下简称CLB)将于2011年6月14日正式发布《在异国难圆的梦:赴日研修实习生劳动权益状况报告》英文版。日本作为中国最大的境外劳务输入国,使用的"研修生"制度已经成为该国剥削境外劳工的工具,研修生们亦沦落为该国雇主使用的一种廉价的劳动力。CLB新闻发言人郭展睿先生将在会议上为大家介绍这份研究报告的主要内容。



会议当天,我们有幸邀请到西班牙报纸El Economista 的两位驻港记者,Juan Pablo Cardenal 及Heriberto Araújo。Juan 及Heriberto 将简要介绍中国赴非洲及拉美的劳工境况,以及他们即将出版的以中国在全球影响力为主题的新书。与赴日本及新加坡的中国劳工不同,非洲及拉美的中国劳工往往比当地的工人享受更高的工资待遇及更好的工作环境。

:郭展睿 +852 27802187

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