Hong Kong conference to tackle pneumoconiosis - the single greatest threat to the health and lives of China's workers

27 June 2019

: 28-29 August 2011.
Start time: 9.30.a.m.
Location: Council Chamber, 8th Floor, Meng Wah Complex, University of Hong Kong.
Language: Mandarin Chinese.

China Labour Bulletin highly recommends a two-day conference at the world-renowned University of Hong Kong on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 August that will examine the deadly lung disease pneumoconiosis, and the devastating impact it has wrought on the lives of more than one million workers in China and their families.

Jointly hosted by The University of Hong Kong's Centre for Chinese Law and the Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims, the conference entitled The Prevention and Relief of Pneumoconiosis will invite medical experts, lawyers, scholars, labour activists and victims of pneumoconiosis, together with the Chinese media, to discuss legal reform and seek the most effective ways to both prevent the disease and assist its victims.

Well-known conference participants will include the occupational disease activist, Zhang Haichao, CCTV journalist Wu Qing, author Zhou Shuheng, labour rights experts Huang Leping and Sun Heng, and the head of the Occupational Health Centre at West China Hospital in Sichuan, Dr Zhu Qishang. They will discuss their personal experiences and outline their ideas on how to tackle what is now a major public health crisis in China.

To register and for more information, please contact Ms.Tina Xie at tinaxie@hku.hk

日期:2011 ,8月28-29日



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