CLB Press Conference. Time to Pay the Bill: China's obligation to the victims of pneumoconiosis

18 April 2013

Two decades of unchecked economic growth has produced an occupational disease epidemic in China that requires urgent action from the government.

Up to six million workers in China are suffering from the debilitating and deadly lung disease, pneumoconiosis. Families of migrant workers have been left impoverished and mired in debt. Whole communities have been devastated by this entirely preventable disease but, as yet, the central government in Beijing has done little to help.

China Labour Bulletin, a labour rights organization that has been assisting workers with pneumoconiosis for nearly a decade, now calls on the government to accept its responsibility for this epidemic and act to ensure that all victims are properly compensated.

CLB's Communications Director Geoffrey Crothall will present our new research report on pneumoconiosis in China, highlighting the efforts of workers who have been fighting for justice, the growing support they have received from the media and civil society, and the wholly inadequate response of local governments who are often ill-equipped to deal with the epidemic. We will in addition show a short video documenting some of the workers at the centre of the struggle for justice.

Time: Thursday 25 April 2013.
Venue: The Hughes Room, Foreign Correspondents Club, 2 Lower Albert Road, Hong Kong.
Language: English.

For further information or an advance copy of the report via email, please contact Geoffrey Crothall at






中国劳工通讯的新闻发言人Geoffrey Crothall将向各位介绍本机构最新发布的尘肺病研究报告,重点突出尘肺病工人在寻求合理赔偿道路上的艰辛,以及媒体和公民社会在这个过程中提供的支持和帮助。与之形成对比的,是当地政府部门的不作为或没有能力作为。在发布会的结尾,我们还将为各位放映关于尘肺病工人维权的视频短片。

地点:香港下亚厘毕道2号外国记者会The Hughes Room

如欲了解发布会的详情,或提前获取研究报告,请与詹妮联系 +852 53469169

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