Worker Activism and Collective Bargaining

China's workers are increasingly well-organized: They are often able to elect their own representatives and successfully engage in collective bargaining.

Food delivery drivers call for strike highlights stagnating conditions in new economy


Express delivery drivers have tried moving to food delivery for better conditions, but poor conditions remain and strikes continue

Trade Union Organizing and Training

China's workers lack real trade union representation. CLB and our mainland partners encourage workers to reclaim the union for themselves.

UN body urges China to allow labour activists to continue their job


The International Labour Organization's Committee on Freedom of Association called on the Chinese government to ensure that labour activists can resume their work without hindrance.

Work safety in China

Work safety is one of the most serious issues affecting China's workers: Employers and the government need to take it seriously too.

Why sexual harassment persists in the workplace


A recent high-profile incident brings a new focus to how endemic sexual harassment in the workplace is. But China’s one-sided legal system and pro-employer practices are failing its workers, leaving most victims empty handed and assailants off-the-hook.

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