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Workers left without a cent as developer and construction company feud

Tang Liyong organized about one hundred fellow labourers to work on a retail and residential construction project in Anshan in 2006-07. More than a year after the project was completed, Tang and his colleagues had still not been paid. They are collectively owed more than 600,000 yuan.


Radio Free Asia: Bosses Blamed for Blast

The bosses of a state-owned coal mine in the northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang were to blame for a recent underground gas explosion in which more than 100 people died, an initial investigation has revealed.

Village school children killed in explosion at illegal firecracker workshop

An explosion at an illegal firecracker workshop in Guangxi has left 13 village school children dead and injured. All the victims were “left-behind children” whose parents were working in factories hundreds of kilometers away in neighbouring Guangdong.

Job seeker successfully sues hospital for violation of right to privacy

A 25 year-old university graduate with Hepatitis B has, for the first time in China, successfully sued a hospital for violating his right to privacy after it gave the results of his blood test to a prospective employer.

What’s behind ACFTU’s call for stronger SOE unions?

On 11 November 2009 the ACFTU (All-China Federation of Trade Unions) released a notice that called for the strengthening of union work during State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) restructuring, more independence from Party and government departments, and an end to the merging of ACTFU departments with Party departments. The notice lays out the problem quite clearly:

Will the Military Cut Jobs Program?

A recent Apple Daily editorial by Li Ping discussed the rumors that the military might cut its program that provides demobilizing soldiers with civilian jobs, and instead, would issue the soldiers a lump-sum payment. Li reports that rumors have resurfaced indicating that the government might implement a “lump sum payment system” (应金制), rather the continuing the “transfer to civilian job” (转业) system. This would essentially mean that soldiers would receive a one-time compensation payment in cash, and officials would no longer remain responsible for their civilian work arraignments. Li also points out that the system is not unlike the “one-time redundancy payments” (买断工龄) common in the State-Owned Enterprise restructuring(企业改革)era.

Chengdu teachers strike highlights problems for new education minister

Teachers at an elite private school in Sichuan’s provincial capital Chengdu have gone on strike demanding higher wages in line with their colleagues in the state system. The strike on 5 and 6 November, which affected around 1,000 students, was notable for the support the teachers at the Chengdu Foreign Languages School received, not only from the public, but from the students and parents as well.

Nationalization is not a short cut to coal mine safety

In this e-bulletin, CLB director Han Dongfang argues that moves by the authorities in Shanxi, the province at the heart of China's coal country, to close and merge small privately-run mines with larger state-run mines will only improve coal mine safety if, in addition, the miners themselves are allowed and encouraged to play a key role in safety management and engage in collective bargaining with their bosses over pay and work conditions.


The Economist: Finding common ground between American and Chinese workers

Andy Stern, the head of the Services Employees International Union who revitalised the American labour movement over the past 20 years, announced his retirement 15 April. In an interview with Ezra Klein, Mr Stern talks about how globalisation has affected labour and trade unionism.

BMJ: Workers behind China’s economic miracle are paying a heavy price

CLB’s latest research report The Hard Road: Seeking justice for victims of pneumoconiosis in China was highlighted in the print edition of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on 8 May 2010.
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