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The intern trap – graduate job seekers cheated and exploited by employers

A university degree is supposed to provide students from poor rural families with a good job, high status and, crucially, a residency in the big city that would allow them to start their own family. However, the reality for today’s graduates is very different.

Hepatitis B activists publish major new research report highlighting employment discrimination in China

Despite government moves to eradicate employment discrimination against people with HBV, the virus that causes Hepatitis B, employers still routinely refuse to hire HBV-positive job candidates, and there is still a widespread fear and misunderstanding of the disease in Chinese society, according to a new research report by the HBV activist and support group, Yirenping


The deadly 43 minutes: Southern Weekend reveals causes of the Hegang disaster

For the family members of the recent Hegang coal mining accident that took the lives of 108 people in a gas explosion, one of the most tragic facts that will most likely haunt them forever is why so many workers ended up dying when dangerous levels of gas were identified nearly 43 minutes before the first explosion took place? Did the miners die in vain? What factors contributed to such a senseless tragedy that should have and could have been avoided? The influential newspaper Southern Weekend (南方周末), in an investigative research piece, has determined that the vast majority of workers at the Xinxing mine did not receive any warning about the exceedingly dangerous levels of gas despite that fact that the ground level headquarters received reports, and the mine management did not install a sufficient amount of emergency-use telephones that could have informed workers about the dangerous levels of gas.

Safety first or wages first - A construction site dilemma

Han Dongfang talks to a building sub-contractor who knew his contractor had used cheap cement but rather than report the hazard to the authorities, he used the evidence to blackmail the contractor into paying the wages his workers were owed.


ABC Radio Australia: Walmart's China suppliers accused of employee abuses

The American retail giant Wal Mart has run into trouble in China again, after some of its suppliers were accused of serious abuses against their workers.

A new tool in the fight to end forced labour: Free2Work

Recently I came across an interesting website that may have great potential in fighting child slavery, forced labour, and other appalling labour conditions: Free2Work. The International Labor Rights Forum, the Not For Sale Campaign, and Humanity United have teamed up to create this new platform that provides “a singular location that streamlines and simplifies the process for consumers on the topic of most concern to its audience, modern-day slavery”.

Tobacco plant workers fighting for equal pay stuck in legal limbo

Nearly a quarter of the workforce at a state-owned tobacco plant in Henan have had their wages slashed and their employment contracts “spun off” to an employment agency as part of the enterprise’s restructuring program.


Business Spectator: Holding up China's sky

This week, the managing editor of Time Magazine unveiled the final nominees for the famed 'Person of the Year' edition. The list included a number of the usual suspects, including Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke, but the most surprising addition to the list was also the most deserving – 'The Chinese Worker'.

BBC Hard Talk: Has China empowered its people?

In early November 2009, CLB Director Han Dongfang was interviewed by Stephen Sackur for the BBC’s flagship news program, Hard Talk. The program was shown on BBC World News and the BBC News channel on 25 November.

Tragedy sparks debate on the fate of migrant children in China

The explosion at an illegal firecracker factory in Guangxi two weeks ago that left two primary school children dead and 11 others badly injured has provoked not only anger and sympathy for the victims but a wide-ranging discussion in the Chinese blogosphere about the problems of left-behind children and the inequities of the household registration system.
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