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Plaintiff to appeal verdict in China’s first HIV discrimination lawsuit

The plaintiff in China’s first HIV employment discrimination lawsuit is to appeal a district court decision against him on 12 November the official Xinhua news agency reported. The plaintiff, known by his pseudonym Xiao Wu, filed an anti-discrimination lawsuit in the Yingjiang District Court in Anqing on 26 August after the Anqing education department denied him a teaching position because he was HIV positive. The court formally accepted the case on Monday August 30.
31 August 2010

The humanity of Chilean mine saga: a poignant contrast with China

On 5 August 2010, more than 33 miners were trapped deep inside a mine, causing many to fear for the worst. However, remarkably, 17 days later, the miners were found to be still alive, to the relief and joy of their families and countrymen. After reading news stories of the events and watching video, one couldn’t help but be struck by the stark contrasts with Chinese post-incident report coverage:
01 September 2010

Migrant workers in Hainan paid far less than the minimum wage

One sixth of migrant workers in Hainan earn less than 500 yuan a month, far below the legal minimum wage in the province, according to a survey by the province’s trade union federation. The majority (55 percent) of the 350 workers surveyed by the union earned between 500 yuan and 1,000 yuan a month. Only five percent could earn more than 2,000 yuan a month. Not surprisingly, 90 percent of the respondents said they were not satisfied with their current level of income.
02 September 2010

SCMP: Workers seek voice in collective bargaining

Xu Yaqing, a migrant worker at a garment factory in Shenzhen, would ask her boss to offer entertainment, leisure trips, parties, a pay rise every year and more annual leave - if she was able to speak up. However, the 21-year-old Wuhan native left her wish-list under wraps after factory owners' outcries prompted the Guangdong provincial government to put on hold indefinitely last month a proposal empowering workers to collectively negotiate and fix wages and benefits with bosses.
18 October 2010

The Nation: China in the Driver's Seat

Sitting at a sidewalk coffee shop a block from the White House, Andy Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union, is reflecting on a series of visits he's made since 2002 to China, where he has discussed organizing and collective bargaining with leaders of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU). China's economic transformation is a profound challenge to the United States, and to American workers in particular, Stern says. "We have to recognize that China is the first real economic competitor that has ever threatened America's standing as the global economic superpower."
03 September 2010

RFA: No Trial For Labor Activist

Shaanxi-based labor activist Zhao Dongmin is still being held without any sign of movement towards a trial, and court officials denied him permission to see his wife before she died of illness, his relatives said. Zhao was detained more than a year ago on charges of disrupting public order after he applied to set up an independent trade union representing more than 300 workers in more than 20 companies.
09 September 2010

Bloomberg Business Week: Everything Is Made by Foxconn in Future Evoked by Gou's Empire

On a crushingly hot mid-August day at Foxconn Technology Group’s Longhua factory campus in Shenzhen -- where a dutiful army of 300,000 employees eats, sleeps, and churns out iPhones, Sony Corp. PlayStations, and Dell Inc. computers -- workers indulged in a rare moment of celebration.
10 September 2010

On the Ruan Libin case, migrant workers in Guangdong, and more

In this episode, William, Geoff, and Denise talk about a shocking expose of dangerous working conditions at the Wal-Mart supplier Elec-tech, as reported in the Global Times.  Denise talks about her recent trip to Guangdong, where she talked with workers.  We mention two new "Worker's Voices" articles, and an article in Apple Daily, which states that Hong Kong employers o
17 September 2010

Strike at Shenzhen Brother Industries ends after management compromise

A four day strike at the Japanese-owned Brother Industries plant in Shenzhen ended at the weekend after management offered a 100 yuan increase in the basic monthly wage and other benefits, and crucially agreed to slow down the factory’s production line and reduce employee workloads.
10 September 2010

The strike that ignited China’s summer of worker protests

At the height of the groundbreaking strike at the Honda transmission plant in Foshan in May this year, Han Dongfang talked to one of the strikers about the workers' demands, the reaction of management, and the antagonistic role of the trade union in the dispute.
15 September 2010
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