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China’s pneumoconiosis victims take drastic steps in their search for compensation

In July 2009, Zhang Haichao voluntarily underwent an operation to open up his chest in order to prove he was suffering from the fatal lung disease pneumoconiosis. Photograph of Zhang by Yanzhou Metropolis Daily

Between conciliation and suppression, Wenzhou government chooses a middle path

Previously, I had written about the contrast between Chongqing’s conciliatory approach to handling taxi strikes, and the more brutal, retrograde way the Xining government handled its strikes. Recent strikes in the prosperous city of Wenzhou seem to show that the Wenzhou government has chosen a middle path between the two, mixing “carrot” and “stick” for good measure.

The Economist: Abritration needed

China Labour Bulletin appears in the following article. Copyright remains with the original publisher.

30 July 2009. Beijing.
From The Economist Print Edition

What lies behind the gruesome death of a manager at Tonghua Iron and Steel?

Los Angeles Times: Product secrecy and a worker's death

China Labour Bulletin appears in the following article. Copyright remains with the original publisher.

A suicide in China has trained a spotlight on Apple and pressure-filled factories.
By David Pierson and Alex Pham

July 29, 2009

Reporting from Los Angeles and Beijing — Sun Danyong was the mild-mannered son of a potato-farming family in an impoverished corner of south-central China.


China's workers are more victims than perpetrators of violence

The death of a senior manager at a steel plant in northeastern China at the hands of angry workers last week, and the mass brawl at a toy factory in Shaoguan last month between Uighur and Han employees that left two people dead, have both become major international news stories.


Graduate commits suicide after being forced to work three months without a day off

A twenty four-year-old university graduate working at a moldings factory in the Houjie district of Dongguan jumped from his fourth floor dormitory after being refused time off work by management, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

Elderly tailor cheated out of pension by the government; detained and tortured after protesting

Han Dongfang talks to Dai Deshu, a 67-year-old former tailor from Chongqing about the long and painful struggle of thousands of elderly artisans and handicraft workers discarded during the process of economic reform.


A re-cap of the Tonghua incident and other news

In this podcast, William Nee and Geoff Crothall discuss some of the recent topics on the CLB website, such as the Tonghua incident, unsanitary conditions at construction sites, and the increase in labour disputes. “Worker’s Song” by Dick Gaughan.

CLB quoted on the Tonghua Incident

China Labour Bulletin was extensively quoted by major news organizations, including Time and The Guardian, on the riot at a steel plant in Jilin that led to the death of a senior manager.


Recent media reports highlight employment discrimination in China

China’s new Employment Promotion Law contains clear and specific provisions guarding against employment discrimination but, as recent media reports have shown, the problem is still widespread and largely unchecked.
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