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Decent healthcare still a distant dream for most workers in China

More than 95 percent of China’s population are covered by a state medical insurance plan. However, only a small proportion have access to high quality healthcare.
04 July 2019

Guangzhou hospital healthcare workers settle dispute but security guards’ protest continues

After more than two months of protest, about 150 healthcare workers at the Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University Hospital have accepted a compensation offer from their employer of 20,000 yuan each.
20 August 2013

Healthcare reform will be meaningless unless government actually invests in healthcare

China's State Council has once again come up with a series of measures designed to improve services in public hospitals and reduce the cost burden for patients.  
18 May 2015

Searching for the healthcare workers’ union

After yet more violent assaults on doctors and nurses in China, the issue of hospital workers’ safety is once again in the headlines. However, no one seems to be asking what the trade union at China’s hospitals is doing to protect its members.
03 March 2014

Guangzhou hospital workers continue their fight for social insurance

Around 60 healthcare workers have been protesting on the steps of the Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University Hospital for 47 days now demanding social insurance contributions that are about a dozen years in arrears. Photograph of protesting hospital workers taken from Weibo.
04 July 2013

A welcome first step towards zero tolerance of attacks on hospital staff in China

Chinese authorities criminalize verbal and physical attacks on healthcare workers in a bid to stem the tide of hospital violence but new rules need to be vigorously enforced.
25 April 2014

Kunming slams the door on migrant workers

While cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai have gradually made life easier for migrant workers over the least few years by easing restrictions on residency, education and healthcare, the southwestern city of Kunming has just taken a massive step backwards and announced plans to ban all migrants from employment unless they have already obtained a temporary residence permit, and lived and worked in the city for more than a year.
17 May 2010

New report shows little improvement in the lives of migrant workers’ children in China

The Chinese government has implemented a whole raft of policies over the last decade to improve the lives of migrant workers’ children. However, a new survey published by the All-China Women’s Federation shows that between 2005 and 2010, the numbers of left-behind children and migrant children in the cities both increased, while the long-standing issues of separation, loneliness and vulnerability, as well as the lack of access to decent education, healthcare and social services remained largely unresolved.
23 May 2013

Health worker’s nine-year petitioning ordeal ends in psychiatric hospital

Han Dongfang talks to a family of healthcare professional’s whose demands for pension arrears resulted in nine years of petitioning, detention in a black jail, and eventually incarceration in a psychiatric hospital.
29 November 2010

Voices from the frontline: The growing problem of violence in China’s hospitals

Following the vicious attack on a 28-year-old nurse at a Nanjing hospital last month, healthcare workers in that city discuss what needs to be done.
12 March 2014
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