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China’s social security system

Every employee in China is supposed to have a pension, medical and unemployment insurance, and a range of other welfare benefits. In reality, the system has largely failed to provide workers, and rural migrant workers in particular, with the social security they need and are legally entitled to.
18 August 2021

Hong Kong food delivery workers protest pay and working conditions

Following last month’s strikes and protests by food delivery workers in mainland China, drivers in Hong Kong staged a protest outside the company headquarters of Foodpanda on 15 July.
22 July 2021

Vocational school intern jumps to his death at Shenzhen factory

A 17-year-old vocational school student reportedly leapt to his death from a Shenzhen factory dormitory on 25 June after being forced to work under grueling conditions as part of a mandatory “internship.”
07 July 2021

Trade union officials distance themselves from food delivery workers’ suffering

Protests by food delivery workers over the exploitative monopolies of companies like and Meituan have made headlines recently, but the trade union remains inert.
05 July 2021

Phnom Penh casino accused of union busting with mass layoffs

Danielle Keeton-Olsen and Yon Sineat report on how trade union leaders are fighting back after more than 1,300 Phnom Penh casino workers were laid off this year.
23 June 2021

Trade union officials seek to deflect responsibility after truck driver suicide

Following the tragic death of truck driver Jin Deqiang, CLB called local trade union officials to ask what they were doing to protect truck drivers’ rights.
11 June 2021

Honouring our friend and colleague Robin Munro

China Labour Bulletin’s former deputy director, great friend and supporter, Robin Munro, sadly passed away on 19 May 2021.
02 June 2021

Workers’ rights further eroded by new legislation in Shenzhen

The Shenzhen government is in the process of amending its Employee Wage Payment Regulations for the first time since they were introduced 17 years ago.
01 June 2021

Migrant workers and their children

There are an estimated 286 million rural migrant workers in China, comprising more than one-third of the entire working population. They have been the engine of China’s spectacular economic growth over the last three decades but remain marginalized, and their children have limited access to education and healthcare.
04 May 2021

ZTE trade union head jailed for two billion yuan investment scam

The former chair of state-owned telecom giant ZTE’s corporate trade union, He Xuemei, has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for embezzlement and fraudulent fundraising.
29 April 2021
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