Two Sichuan Labour Activists Sentenced for Subversion

Two labour activists in the mid-western province of Sichuan were convicted of subversion and sentenced on 30 May, 2002 for organizing labour protests two years ago in 2000, according to the news agency AFP.

Hu Mingjun (30) was sentenced to 11 years and Wang Sen was sentenced to 10 years by the Dazhou city intermediate court during closed door proceedings. Their family members were only notified of the trial and verdict by lawyers after the sentencing.

According to the Hongkong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy in China, Hu and Wang were arrested in May and April 2001 respectively for their involvement in protests staged in December 2000 by workers of the Dazhou Iron and Steel Factory to demand payment of wage arrears. The two activists, who were both also leading members of the outlawed China Democracy Party (1998), had reportedly called on the central government to respect the rights of workers to set up independent unions, to provide better a social safety net and to end rampant corruption.

(Source: AFP)
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