Radio Labour's "Solidarity News" Project launched

In order to enhance worker solidarity worldwide - "Solidarity News" - the world's first on-line Internet radio broadcast about labour issues - was created. 

Trade unionists and activists from around the world are contributing.  CLB is also planning to contribute on a regular basis, and so we hope our readers and listeners will support the project!

Here is the official news release:

The first audiocast of Solidarity News on RadioLabour is now available. The audiocast is a weekly programme of news related to workers and their organizations from all over the globe, with a special emphasis on events and issues in the developing world. It will be available on the RadioLabour web site throughout the week, from February 1 to 7.

This first programme has news about 10,000 workers in Turkey struggling for their livelihood, cell phone workers in the Philippines fighting back against abuse, Nepalese unions struggling for legislative protections, a giant corporation trying to break a steelworkers' union and union leaders in Latin America being murdered, plus a special report about the the effects of globalization on working people in Africa. These and other stories are available at You can show your support for the programme by listening to it and contributing audio reports or suggestions for news stories. Help make labour history, listen to RadioLabour's first audiocast this week.
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