Migrant worker union negotiates pay deal for Tianjin cleaners

A new trade union, established to protect the rights of migrant workers in Tianjin’s Nankai district, has negotiated a collective pay deal with a labour supply company that would give the district’s cleaners an across-the-board pay rise.

The agreement, which comes into effect today, 1 April, will increase the monthly pay of street sweepers to 1,950 yuan, sanitation workers to 1,750 yuan, canal cleaners 1,400 yuan and office cleaners 1,200 yuan, just above the new minimum wage of 1,160 yuan, which also went into effect today, the Tianjin Daily reported.

The agreement with the Furun Labour Supply Co. also specified limits on overtime hours, increased meal subsidies and improved living conditions in the workers’ dormitories.

The deal came as more than 80 sanitation workers in Guangzhou staged a strike in protest at the non-payment of wages. The work stoppage occurred on 28 March in the city’s Haizhu district, the workers claiming they had not been paid in full for overtime and other allowances for several years and that they were each owed between 3,000 and 4,000 yuan.

A district government spokeswoman told the Yangcheng Evening News (羊城晚报) that the workers would be given an advance the following day and their exact arrears payment calculated individually.

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