Migrant Women Workers Honoured in Shandong’s Liao City

Article taken from Women of China

Xi Shujun in Jinan, 9 February 2003

Recently, 100 outstanding migrant women workers who left the city to engage in "home management" work [domestic workers] were conferred the title of “March 8th Red Flag Workers” by officials from the Liao City Women's Federation (LWF). At the award ceremony, local party and government officials personally delivered a large red flower to the women being commended along with a certificate of honour.

Since 2000, each level of LWF has made systematic efforts to promote female employment by exporting labour [to other regions of China]. The women represent a positive resource that needs to be developed in an orderly manner in order to address the issue of excess female labour.

To date, there have been clear benefits. The LWF estimates an "exported" female workforce of more than 23,000 people that has generated a combined income of nearly 100 million yuan. In fact Liao’s maids have become a bright spot of economic development that has spread beyond Liao to the whole of Shandong province. Liao maids and domestic workers can be found in every big city and enjoy an excellent reputation. The Liao city government has allocated special funds to shoot television productions such as "Liao Home Managers in Beijing" and "Liao Women Migrants of Shanghai" to publicize the reputation of women from Liao. Another 280 young women are due to leave Liao in search of work immediately after Spring Festival. They will look for jobs as maids and other related sectors.

http://www.womenofchina.com.cn/news2/news.htm 12 March 2003
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