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China Labour Bulletin is open to trade unionists and labour activists from around the world who want to share their knowledge and expertise of labour organizing with China’s workers and, at the same time, learn more about the emerging workers’ movement in China. CLB can accept fellows from the international trade union movement for one week up to one month depending on need and availability. An interest in China and knowledge of Chinese is desirable but not essential. In addition, CLB is looking for international trade unions and labour organizations that would be willing to host Chinese workers and labour activists for a short period of time so that they can gain a firsthand knowledge of how real trade unions operate.

CLB offers paid internships for students based in Hong Kong who can work on a regular basis for about one a day a week. Ideally, interns should have a good understanding of legal, social and economic issues in China, at least a year’s experience of working or studying in mainland China, and fluency in spoken and written Chinese. CLB also offers unpaid summer internships to students interested in China’s workers’ movement who are willing to work on specific short-term projects and assignments when needed.

To learn more about our fellowship and internship programs, please write to CLB’s Development and Operations Manager Valerie Nichols at, attaching a copy of your curriculum vitae.

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