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Myanmar workers protest union busting efforts in the garment industry

Kyaw Ye Lynn reports from Yangon on how trade unionists are seeking to protect jobs and livelihoods during the pandemic.
22 December 2020

Workers in the Global South face unprecedented challenges in 2020

CLB investigates how the Covid-19 pandemic and economic contraction has affected the world’s two largest workforces in China and India.
19 November 2020

The Karnataka Garment Workers Union, Bengaluru: A case study

In the third article in a series on workers’ rights and collective action in India, P.K. Anand looks at the Karnataka Garment Workers Union.
16 November 2020

Alibaba’s global ambitions present a dilemma for European labour

Chinese tech giant Alibaba is establishing an e-commerce hub at Liège Airport. What does this mean for workers and trade unions in Europe?
10 November 2020

The All-India Gig Workers Union: A case study

In the second article in a series on workers’ rights and collective action in India, P.K. Anand looks at the All-India Gig Workers Union.
09 November 2020

The Indian Federation of App-based Transport Workers: A case study

This is the first in a short series of articles on workers’ rights and collective action in India during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.
02 November 2020

Vietnam prepares to begin a new chapter in labour organizing

Starting in 2021, Vietnam will allow the creation of new worker representative organizations not affiliated with the official trade union.
07 September 2020

Cambodia’s never-ending demand for cement is putting workers’ lives at risk

Chinese-invested cement companies eager to cash in on Cambodia’s building boom are paying scant regard to safety
30 June 2020

Bangalore garment workers fight for basic rights as production resumes after lockdown

A group of 150 women workers who were forced to return to their home villages during lockdown are now fighting for the right to return to work.
18 June 2020

Students and trade union fight to prevent university from outsourcing sanitation work

The outsourcing of cleaning services at universities is a global problem that requires a global response.
14 May 2020
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