Four Labour Leaders Indicted in Liaoyang; Another Injured in custody

China Labour Bulletin has received reports that the four leaders of the month-long protest by the Liaoyang Ferroalloy Factory workers, who were arrested in mid-March, would be prosecuted by the government. According to Guo Xiujing, the wife of Yao Fuxin, the first of the leaders who was detained, the general secretary of Liaoyang city government told the workers that the four detained leaders, would not be released and would be prosecuted.

Guo has also told CLB that Gu Baoshu(37), another leader who was detained and later released on 16 April, plans to file a litigation against the local police for their brutal treatment of him during his detention. Gu claims that his eyesight has been badly damaged as a result of the police beating.

Four representatives of the Liaoyang Ferro-alloy Factory's workers' protest have been arrested so far. They are: Yao Fuxin, male (54); Xiao Yunliang, male (57); Pang Qingxiang, male (58); Wang Zhaoming, male (37).

(Source: China Labour Bulletin)


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