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Wage arrears threaten the livelihoods of China’s workers

This year, strikes by couriers on China’s 11 November online shopping day reached a record of 136, compared to just 31 in 2020. During the pandemic, delivery companies have resorted to undercutting their competition with lower prices, leading to workers being paid less than 1 yuan per delivery in some areas. With price wars likely to continue, robust safeguards need to be in place and adequately enforced to ensure that couriers do not keep losing out.
09 December 2021

Migrant worker studies philosophy to search for meaning in the workplace

Who will notice the physical, mental and “philosophical” exhaustion of China’s workers?
07 December 2021

Hong Kong food delivery drivers successfully negotiate with Foodpanda

Over 300 workers went on strike for two days, resulting in negotiations with management
03 December 2021

Platform labour regulations and unionising the gig economy

At China Labour Bulletin, we are saying goodbye to our retiring Communications Director, Geoffrey Crothall. CLB Executive Director Han Dongfang thanks Geoffrey for his long service to the organization: "During the past decade and a half, under Geoff’s guidance, the CLB team has successfully built a solid platform providing the most reliable information on the workers' movement and labour issues in China. I am very thankful for Geoff’s invaluable contributions."
07 October 2021

In India, gig workers challenge platforms online in war of words

Kunal Purohit reports from Mumbai on how gig workers are exposing exploitative practices on social media to reach an important ally: consumers
30 September 2021

ACFTU in Beijing issues guidelines for unionizing gig workers: What comes next?

The Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions (BMFTU) has introduced guidelines designed to regulate and encourage unionization for “gig” delivery drivers, workers and labourers in China’s capital city.
28 September 2021

High-level guidance on platform employment lacks teeth

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, workers in China have flooded into the gig economy. Express delivery companies have started price wars to gain more market share, resulting in companies offsetting lower consumer prices by cutting commissions for delivery workers.
23 September 2021

Celebrating the ordinary workers at the heart of the movement

China Labour Bulletin’s outgoing communications director, Geoffrey Crothall, reflects on the last 14 years of workers’ struggle in China
15 September 2021

An opportunity for the union to make an impact on work safety

China’s newly-amended Work Safety Law (安全生产法) went into effect on 1 September. This third revision of the law increases fines and administrative sanctions for delinquent companies and even allows for public interest lawsuits to be brought by the People’s Procuratorate. Importantly, the law now brings the millions of workers employed by online platforms - such as food delivery workers - and labour agency workers under its remit.
07 September 2021

Henan overtakes Guangdong in number of worker protests

The central province of Henan has been a key locus of worker activism and collective protests in China over the last year, with construction and transport workers taking the lead.
24 August 2021
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