China Labour Action Express No. 5 (2002-11-27)

HRIC and CLB Call for Immediate Release of Yao Fuxin

In response to the request of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, the Chinese government claims that Yao Fuxin was detained because he and others took advantage of worker discontent to "plan, instigate and carry out a number of destructive activities". This bears close resemblance to the slanderous remarks made by ACFTU vice-chairperson on November 11.

As in the case of ACFTU's accusations of violence, local testimonies point out unequivocally that the official conclusion is baseless.

Yao Fuxin and the other three workers' representatives have been arrested for exercising the fundamental workers' rights enshrined by ILO, of which China is a member. We call for the release of the Liaoyang Four NOW!

For the full text of the joint statement and related articles/news on the Liaoyang Four, please click the link below.
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