China Labour Action Express No. 10 (2003-01-03)

Despite the conditional release of two of the Liaoyang Four, the four-year long workers' campaign in Liaoyang took a drastic and outrageous turn when the families of Yao Fuxin and Xiao Yunliang learned that the prosecuting office had submitted charges of subversion. The court officially has seven days to decide to pursue these charges. Although Yao's family was told to prepare a lawyer and CLB confirmed that Beijing-based lawyer Mo Shaoping would be visiting Yao after January 4, there has been no word on a trial date.

More details at Liaoyang Labour Activists Charged with Subversion

Released pending trial on December 20, Wang Zhaoming and Pang Qingxiang were formally notified by the Liaoyang prosecuting authority that they would not be charged. But Wang's wife told China Labour Bulletin that at 4pm on December 31, Wang replied to the police's request to come down to the police station and has not been heard from since. During his short period of freedom, Wang talked with CLB.

Full transcript of the conversation at Our problems can be solved if we workers can exercise our rights

CLB finds the charges of subversion outrageous. Yao and Xiao were merely exercising their rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining and should be immediately released. As should Wang Zhaoming and Pang Qingxiang.

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